• Design

    EasyStake supports many plants including, delphiniums, gladioli or weak stemmed flowers from damage from the elements.

  • Features

    EasyStake does not damage plants, easy to secure plants, spring steel wire allows plant movement, long life, reusable.

  • Easy to Use

    Insert into ground, ajdust desired height as necessary, secure plant by squeezing to open hoop, clean after use.

  • Protects

    EasyStake protects your weaker stemmed plants from damage from harmful elements such as wind and wins gusts.

  • Strengthens

    EasyStake allows a certain amount of movemnt which encourages development of strong and healthy root systems.

  • Environmentally Produced

    EasyStake was designed and manufactured using solar energy in Toowoomba (known as the GARDEN CITY), Queensland Australia .

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